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        Products >LU-610 IntegDirect Drive Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machinerated

        Function Introduction

        This model is the upgraded product of HIGHLEAD compound feeding direct drive integrated series machine.Designed with powerful built-in miniservo motor for direct drive, It has quick start&stop response, low noise, low vibration, remarkable energy saving and easy installation performance. The appearance design has the brand characteristic of HIGHLEAD and modern style. Embedded color touch screen can easily and conveniently select and set sewing parameters. The servo control system on board has stable performance and various functions. The electronic components of pneumatic components are highly sensitive and reliable. In addition to retaining the traditional design of the top presser foot alternation adjuster, the electronic clamping device, electronic handwheel and pneumatic double thread tension device are added. The design adopts the instantaneous adjusting device of pneumatic presser foot alternation, built-in pneumatic automatic presser foot lifter, as well as many intelligent structures and devices such as automatic back tacking, automatic thread trimmer and short thread cutter ending, which greatly improves the working efficiency and sewing function, and can meet various needs of different users. It is suitable for sewing automobile cushions, seat belts, car interiors, sofas, tents, bags, etc.

        Product Parameters


        Max sewing speedStitch lengthPresser foot liftNeedle sizeRotating hookPresser foot attemationPresser foot attemation adjuster
        3000 r.p.m 0 - 8 mmBy pneumatic 16 mmDPx17 18#-25#

        Large vertical hook

        (2 times)

        2 - 6 mmPneumatic




         Automatic back tacking Automatic thread trimmer Automatic presser foot lifter



        thread tension 

         Short thread end trimmer Working space Motor
         310X115 mm 220 V 850 W Servo motor



        Phone Number

        (8621)6406 1284

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