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        Products >HLK-03/-03 (HP) Electronic bartacking machine

        Function Introduction

        Max. sewing speed:2700RMP
        Sewing area: 30*30mm
        Direct servo motor drive,specialized operation panel,USB pattern input terminal
        Bartacking or small pattern sewing for suitcase,package,garment,shoes

        HLK-03 electronic bartacking machine is a model which is developed by Highlead and can perform bartacking and small sized
        pattern sewing. It has the features such as main shaft directly driven by mini powerful servo motor, Chinese professional pattern sewing control system, high accurate stepping motor with powerful torque, a built-in memory with 60 standard bartacking patterns, specialized operation panel which can easily enable pattern selection, sewing speed selection, pre-setting or modification of sewing mode and parameter. By being programmed by special software, patterns can be input through USB terminal into the built-in memory. By using special presser foot (option), this model can perform bartacking or sewing of special patterns. Its easy operation, flexible application ,and high efficiency make this equipment a must for top brand apparels and small sized bags.

        Product Parameters


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        Phone Number

        (8621)6406 1284

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